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  • First Responders and Families

    Serving your community is an honorable endeavor.

    Surviving that service – physically, emotionally and morally is an equally honorable endeavor. Having served in Law Enforcement for 25 years, I know how firsthand how that a career as a public servant can take a toll on your life and on those closest to you.

    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy is an amazing tool that will equip you to both survive and THRIVE throughout the remainder of your career.

    If you are a current Law Enforcement Officer:

    • Please identify as an LEO when you contact me. Your confidentiality and dignity are of paramount importance to me.
    • My calendar online is for everyone. If you cannot find a time slot to accommodate your shift/schedule online, simply call and we will find a time for you.
    • This is a cash practice, I do not file with insurance.
    • Active/retired LE receive a discount. Thank you for serving us all so very well, take good care of YOU too.